Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blog Entry 7: My Book Choice

(Changed for James and the Giant Peach)
 The book of my choice for the project is The children of Hurin (Narn i Chîn Húrin) by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien which was compiled and edited by his son Christopher Tolkien.
     The reason for which I picked this book is that I started reading the first book of the lord of the rings just some weeks before the premier of the movie so I really got into the amazing fantasy world of Tolkien to later finish the trilogy and also read the Silmarillion. And so, with the occasion to pick a fantasy novel for class I see this as a perfect opportunity to immerse myself into middle earth again or perhaps should I say  the first age of middle earth as the book seems to explain the adventures of Turin a hero that fought to free the alliance from the hands of Morgoth and also to understand the situation in middle earth (Arda) several centuries before the adventures of Frodo and the Hobbits.
      More over the book seems to be an interesting and peculiar work to examine under the lenses of symbolic interpretations and archetypes.


          My new book of choice is titled James and the Giant Peach , written by british author Roald Dahl. I choose this book, because before choosing J.R.R talkien book The children of Hurin I found this book at La Guardia library and really liked the title and the front page image as it  really called my attention because of the giant peach ,one of my favorite fruits.

          Later on, after choosing The children of Hurin I realized that the novel was going to take me more time to read than what I first had expected and I realized that I would end up not doing a really good job with it. And so, I realized that I would rather read James and the giant peach because it seemed somewhat shorter and not so complicated as The Children of Hurin but nonetheless, very intriguing as just the title and the image really called my attention.

         James and the Giant Peach , is about James an 8 year old boy who lost his parents when he was 4 by a Rhino who escaped from the zoo park and ate them. And so, as an orphan he was taken with her two wicked aunts who
 lived on a hill far away from the city, he was then
 treated like a slave and could not
leave his house in the hill.

       One day a mysterious old man appeared and gave James a bag
that contained magical small green seed like talismans ,and told him to
 eat them as they will make his life happier. After the mysterious old man
 left, James ran to his house, but before arriving near an old peach three ,
he stumbled across a rock and felt. Consequently, the magical green talismans
 flew over the whole peach three and James became very sad. The next
morning when he went outside his house and much to his surprise he
found that giant peach had grown from the old peach three and he was
decided to explore how could this had happen, and what kind of magic
did the giant peach possessed.

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