Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week 1 Internet Research - Dragons

And the courageous young knight entered the cave fought with passion and soul and bravely killed the Mighty Fire spitting Dragon! And that’s about the last part of a tale were we listen about a dragon. A dragon as Wikipedia describes it is a serpentine or reptilian mythical creature who lives in a cave with a lot of gold and gems and who also spits fire, at least in one of the versions as this mythical dragon appears in several cultures around the globe.
The reason for which I picked this creature to study is because I know there is a big significance for it, why else so much cultures in several timelines would portrait them? Why do so many groups use them in their emblems? Where they real? What did they do? Where do the legends and myths come? ,I have been reading a lot about several  Cosmo visions according to cultures , and found the in almost every culture there was a dragon involved. The Sumerians (4000-3500 BC) ,the believed oldest civilization on earth wrote about how the Annunaki  (those who came from the stars) as an advanced race of “extraterrestrials” who possessed reptilian looking traits and where the parents creators of man who was modified genetically from monkeys. The Mayas , Nahua and other Mesoamerican cultures wrote about Quetzalcoatl which is transcribed as the feathered serpent and also carved this being on their temples, which interestingly enough where ziggurat like temples or pyramids that are also encountered in many cultures and carved or looking very similarity just like the Chinese have been carved them until our current time. Several names come from them from holy texts such as the sacred Hindu yogic texts the “Vedas” talk about the Nagas a reptilian serpentine race of people who use to inhabit underground caves on earth (caves that later on became to be called “dragon lines”)on an earlier “yuga” or age moving to “the beast” or demon from the Judaic Christian bible passing to many deity belives such as the drakken of the seas .  An interesting fact is that most of these cultures where never connected on those times but they seem to have described a similar being in many ways.

Where dragons a symbol to represent something like a group, a psychological trait, universal principle? If so what and why? Why so many legends of dragons, why are they in all these temples, in so many cultures? And where dragons real?. Biologist   Dr. Peter J. Hoagart seems to think dragons exited, in collaboration with Animal planet in their documentary titled “Dragons: a fantasy made real” he explained how fossils of dinosaurs of the late Triassic age seem to show patterns of reptilian looking animals as the computer generated technology on the DVD recreates what their offspring could have been like and how many natural occurrences on earth could have had completely erased them from earth.
In our current time there is only one animal specie alive who can be called dragon, the Komodo dragon who isn’t really the kind of dragon which one would imagine from tales but an animal who lives in the Indonesian
islands of Komodo.

The context of a dragon image or tale varies according to culture. For Asian societies seem them to be a symbol of prosperity,wisdom and strength while for some Celtics descendants portrait them as a metaphor  of a block a block in our life’s for which we can fight in order to get valuable price and so the talk of the princess rescued from a dragon, or a treasure guarded by a dragon. Many esoteric , mystic traditions also have several views about dragons, yogis and Sikhs believe in a force called “kundalini” that lies dormant in the sacrum bone of the spine and that it can be awaken with several practices involved with tantra(transformation rituals) that once awaken it trans passes the whole spine activating the chakras or power centers of the body awaking shidis or supernatural powers ,to ultimately go beyond th head and connect with the divine bringing us Samadhi  illumination or self-realization, these forced is spoke as the dragon or the serpent that has to be awaken in us.

From myths and mysticism dragons can also be found on royalty, many elitist families around the globe have shown us across history dragons as their symbols, one of the versions of the blue blood true blood term is that  dragons have blue blood because of the high amount of cooper in the veins and that royalty is there because is mixed and comes from genes of dragons who used to govern earth and so that is why these kind of families have the right to govern. From the DaVinci code novel the term “sang-real” or real blood or saint blood context that Dan brown  gives to the supposed blood line of Christ, there are many researchers who seem to belive that royal families or at least some members of them believe to be dragon descendant. The Merovingians , one of the first first branches of the aristocracy of Europe symbolized dragons in their emblems , and Sir Lawrence Gardner , states  that he has studied and has evidence proving that dragons exited and that part of his genetic comes from them. Perhaps all of these sounds too polemic, perhaps stupid , but that’s not all, as there is one man who assures we are dominated by reptilians ,for which he has also called dragons, his name is David Icke. Icke a world renown mystical and conspiracy theory author of several books states that dragons came to earth thousands of year ago and established on caverns underground, and that from there they control the world mind controlling the elite with the governments,world bank and entertainment and more and so creating a dystrophy where where are slaves of the system and them. More else, talking about people view in society as “crazy” we can fin physicist Dan winter who assures and says he presents evidence about dragons and even explains their biology, he explains that they needed gold to survive and that they governed earth and used humans as slaves to recollect gold that they would consume he explains how their energy “electromagnetic currents “ would generate fractal golden tunnels in underground cities and that they possessed psychic powers. The Zulu culture talks about dragons who used to came to earth to extract gold and bring it back to their home planets and left because of mysterious reasons.

But enough with the conspiracy side of dragons, going to a more psychological interpretation of what is a dragon what would Jung or Freud said about it? Perhaps a symbol to represent our fears or our strength in many locations? Perhaps a creation of the collective mind of society to represent a threat to society?, Or perhaps our dark side? ,Our passions or as Christians would call them our “sins”. In my Kempo martial arts classes I was taught that every one of us have a dragon inside, and that the dragon sleeps, and its awaken when there is a moral and ethical issue that needs us to act with strength, clearly symbolizing courage, strength and determination.

Dragons, commonly known in America as mythical beasts that liven caves eat man spit fire, and are the keepers a treasure most of the times huge amountsof gold and gems and sometimes even princess, have been an Inspiration for symbology, novels movies and even video games. And so the questions remains, what why and how? Is there a single interpretation that is valid or are their creations of our desire to express something in our unconscious mind that can vary?. One thing is for sure, dragons have not died in a fairy tale,a climatic disaster thousands of year ago, or on an intergalactic war as they live in our culture in many ways to a point where they have become globally known.


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